Transforming learning to inspire ALL students in an ever changing world. 

Burkburnett ISD

Transforming learning to inspire ALL students in an ever changing world.

Burkburnett ISD

Transforming learning to inspire ALL students in an ever changing world.





Our goal at Burkburnett Independent School District is to help all students succeed at each grade level and graduate from high school well equipped for the next level of their educational journey.

BISD Learner Profile

  • Understands the value of holding oneself to high standards,
  • Is self-reflective,
  • Is motivated and determined to persist in the face of difficulty, and
  • Will make a positive impact on his/her community and the world.

VISION: Transforming learning to inspire ALL students in an ever-changing world

MISSION: An environment of exploration where WE: discover the value of learning, increase passion, and maximize potential

Students are our top priority.  Therefore, we believe:

  • Formal education is a beginning; a tool to be utilized as students endeavor to pursue their individual passions
  • Everyone should be afforded the same educational opportunities dedicated to unlocking their unique purpose and potential
  • All students can be inspired to become productive risk-takers and problem-solvers
  • In attracting, retaining, developing and empowering professionals who inspire and create a passion for lifelong learning in all students
  • Education should occur in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment, conducive to learning
  • Learning best occurs through effective collaboration among students, parents and guardians, educators, and the community as active, engaged participants
  • Technology and next generation learning should be embraced and utilized appropriately  

Burk is proud to be a one-to-one district!

At Burkburnett ISD, we strive to provide our students with the tools they need to enhance their learning. Education is ever-evolving, which is why every student, K-12, is provided with an iPad, or Chromebook, to promote 21st century readiness.  

Our staff is dedicated to making our schools exceptional places to learn.  We believe we can ensure this outcome by building supportive, positive relationships in a culture of academic excellence.  All of us - from teachers, custodians, cafeteria workers, administrators, maintenance crew, instructional aides, computer technicians, office personnel and all other staff - are a team focused on supporting the continued academic and personal growth of each student.

We need one more very important part in our work and that partner is YOU.  The success of our education system depends on our ability to continue building strong partnerships with businesses, families and community members.  Working together, all of us have an important role in preparing our students for their future.

A STAAR Score does not define a student!

Burkburnett ISD believes the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) is only a snapshot of one point in time in a student's academic career. A STAAR score does not define a student, is not a predictor of college or work-force readiness, and does not provide an accurate accounting of a child's learning and achievement. Assessment and accountability are important to all of us, but BISD believes the STAAR is not a test that should guide decisions about children or their learning. The STAAR is designed for rank ordering students and our students are much more to us than just a number. 


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